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Area Map of Greater Albuquerque Area

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Greater Albuquerque Areas
Area 1: Sandia Heights

Sandia Heights is an area of executive homes on the outskirts of Albuquerque, in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. Most of the homes in this area lie on large lots, of approximately an acre, although there are also some townhomes on small lots available. The average Sandia Heights home sells in the $300,000 range, although some townhomes start in the $130's, and occasionally larger estate-type properties may bring over $1,000,000. Outstanding views, easy access to the National Forest, and specific restrictive covenants are some of the advantages of the area.

Area 2: North Albuquerque Acres

North Albuquerque Acres, on the northern outskirts of Albuquerque, is an executive residential area. Much of the area offers large lots of approximately an acre, where horses are allowed. Most homes are large, relatively new, and stylish. There are also several newer subdivisions boasting upscale homes on smaller lots. Prices start over $150,000 in this area, and range upwards to nearly $1,000,000, with average home costs in the mid-$300's. In addition to its appeal for equestrians, the area offers less restrictive covenants than neighboring Sandia Heights.

Area 3: Far Northeast Heights

The "Far Northeast Heights" area of Albuquerque borders Sandia Heights and North Albuquerque Acres, and extends south to Montgomery. This region includes the elegant and newly-developed "High Desert" area of the Sandia Foothills, with awe-inspiring homes ranging to upwards of $1,000,000, as well as more modest neighborhoods, where prices start at just under $100,000.

Area 4: Near Northeast Heights

The Near Northeast Heights area includes the University Area, as well as the Uptown business and shopping district near Winrock and Coronado malls. Established residential nieghborhoods offer lush landscaping, and homes often attract buyers with such features as hardwood floors, cove ceilings, plaster walls, and the charm of yesteryear. These neighborhoods offer homes ranging from modest, pueblo-style homes of under 1000 square feet to gracious executive brick homes of 4000 square feet or more. This is an area of widely-varying neighborhoods, and homes are available from as little as $50,000 to well over $500,000, depending on the home and the neighborhood.

Area 5: Northeast Heights

The Northeast Heights area runs from Montgomery south to Central, and east from Wyoming to the Sandias. Stunning executive homes with wonderful views dot the foothills, while numerous appealing, established neighborhoods offer attractive and affordable homes at more modest prices. Depending on the neighborhood and the individual home, prices in the Northeast Heights vary from as little as $50,000 to upwards of half a million dollars, with average prices in the $130,000 range.

Area 6: Four Hills

Nestled in the mountain foothills just south of I-40, at the entrance to Tijeras Canyon, lies Four Hills. This is an area of executive homes, with some new construction and also many older, established neighborhoods. The lots in Four Hills tend to be larger than in most other areas of the city, often up to half an acre in size. Prices in Four Hills start at just under $150,000, and the largest homes may sell for $400,000 or more. Average home prices here are a bit over $200,000.

Area 7: Southeast Heights
The Southeast Heights, east of I-25, is bordered by the International Airport and Kirtland Air Force Base. This proximity to the Base and Airport, as well as the University make the location highly convenient. Residential neighborhoods vary widely, from modest areas with affordable homes under $50,000, to the charming Ridgecrest area, whose unique and elegant older homes have perennial appeal that allows them to command prices of over $400,000.

Area 8: Downtown

the Downtown area not only houses the central business district, plus city and county government buildings, it is also home to most of Albuquerque's true "vintage" homes. New or native Albuquerqueans seeking that gabled Victorian are most likely to find their dream home here in the downtown area, where there still are some 19th-century charmers available. These, along with the 50-70 year old homes of the Huning Castle area may sell in the $300,000+ range. This is also the area of Albuquerque offering the most affordable housing, as some of the small, older homes may be purchased for $30,000 or less.

Area 9: Southwest

The Southwest area contains both the agricultural South Valley areas along the Rio Grande, including many large estates and some remaining farms, and the new, affordable subdivisions of the southwest mesa. There is no "typical" South Valley home, as this large and geographically varied area's irrigated farms, new estate subdivisions, and low-income housing neghborhoods have little in common. Homes are available for under $30,000 in the latter areas, while properties in the former areas may sell for up to $500,000.

Area 10: North Valley

Albuquerque's North Valley area, including the trendy "Los Ranchos de Albuquerque" boasts some of the area's most impressive landed estates, particularly near and along Rio Grande Blvd. Some of these properties offer lush, green acreage. This is one of the premier equestrian areas in the region, and many estates boast various barns, caretakers' quarters, and guest houses, along with the primary residence. Properties that sell for several million dollars are not uncommon here. However, the North Valley is also home to many small, modest homes that may be purchased for $50,000 or less. The average price for the North Valley as a whole is in the $200,000 range.

Area 11:Northwest Heights
The Northwest Heights includes the popular "Taylor Ranch" area, and is made up primarily of residential subdivisions. There is a good deal of new construction in this area, and the oldest subdivisions are only about 20 years old. This is an area of rapid growth in Albuquerque, both in residential development, and also in the growth of new shopping, restaurants, theaters, and other amenities. Home and neighborhood types are more uniform here than in other areas of the city, and lot size tends to be fairly small. There are a few older areas, with homes available in the $60's and $70's, and a couple of new subdivisons along the river with homes over $300,000, most of the homes in this areas range from prices around $100,000 to the lower $200's, depending primarily on the age and size of the house.

Area 12: Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is primarily an area of residential sudivisions west of the Rio Grande, between Taylor Ranch and Rio Rancho. There is a great deal of new construction in the area, and, although there are a few older, established neighborhoods, most of the homes in this area are fairly new. Lot size tends to be fairly small, with the average home price about $150,000. There are few homes in the area that sell much under $100,000 or over $200,000.

Area 13: Corrales

The historic village of Corrales, just outside Albuquerque, offers some of the flavor of old New Mexico, with many antique adobe buildings housing businesses along the narrow, two-lane road that is the village's main street. Many Corrales homes have irrigated acreage, and allow horses. Corrales still retains a rural ambience that attracts many buyers, and it is definitely a trendy residential area. It is rare to find a Corrales home under $150,000. The average price is right around $300,000, with some properties fetching over $1,000,000.

Area 14: Rio Rancho South
This is the area of Rio Rancho south of Southern Blvd. Rio Rancho is among the fastest-growing small cities in the country, and this section of Rio Rancho, like the others, has a fair amount of new construction. It also boasts some older, established neighborhoods, and most homes offer large lots, often about half an acre. Prices start comfortably below $100,000, with the average home price about $120,000. There are few homes over $200,000 in this area.

Area 15: Mid- Rio Rancho and Corrales Heights
This is the section of Rio Rancho that is north of Southern Blvd., and south of Northern Blvd, and includes Corrales Heights. Known for attractive, affordable neighborhoods, this area offers an abundance of residential property in the $60's and $70's, and prices can range upt to $200,000 and beyond in certain areas. Average homes in this area sell for $110,000-$120,000.
Area 16: Rio Rancho North
The northern region of Rio Rancho extends nearly to Bernalillo, and is an area of much new construction. The residential neighborhoods are all fairly new, and, like the rest of Rio Rancho, this area offers a wide variety of attractive and affordable homes, from the $50,000 range on up to well over $200,000. The average home price is approximately $120,000.

Area 17: Bernalillo & Algodones
The small town of Bernalillo, just north of Albuquerque, has a relativley small number of homes for sale. Available homes at any given time may run the gamut from small, older homes for under $50,000 to palatial estates in the million dollar range.

Area 18: Placitas
Placitas is a small village located north of Albuquerque, on the north side of the Sandia Mountains. Properties here tend to have acreage, and are most often Southwestern in style. It is rare to find a Placitas home for under $150,000, and some run to half a million dollars or more. The average home price here is about $275,000.

Area 19: San Isidro/Jemez Springs
This area north and west of Albuquerque has very little property listed on the market at any given time. Much of the real estate available in Jemez Springs consists of vacation homes. Recent prices have tended to be in the low to mid $100,000 range.
Area 20: Sandoval County

This area includes the portions of Sandoval County outside Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Placitas, such as Cochiti and Pena Blanca. Many of the properties in the Cochiti area are vacation homes, and the average property price is in the low $100,000 range.

Area 21: Tijeras, Carnuel & Monticello

This is the area in Tijeras Canyon, just east of Albuquerque. Properties are usually on between half an acre and five acres, and prices tend to be anywhere from about $120,000 to $300,000. Usually horses and other livestock are permitted, and the commuting time to workplaces in Albuquerque is small.

Area 22: North 14

This East Mountain area, including Cedar Crest and the trendy new Paa-ko subdivision, extends from north of I-25 all the way to Golden. Most homes are situated on lots ranging in size from half anacre to 10 or 12 acres, although occasionally much larger pieces become available. This area is located on the "green side" of the Sandias, and many properties are wooded in pinon, juniper, or even Ponderosa pines. It is rare to find a home in this area for less than $100,000, and property values range up to the half-million dollar mark and above.

Area 23: South 337

Also known as the "South 14" area, from the former number of this state road, this East Mountain area ranges east to 217, and south into the Manzanos as far as Chilili. Lot sizes usually range from about an acre, upwards to 20 acres or more. The average property price is about $140,000, with occasional homes selling well under $100,000, and the most expensive properties remaining under $300,000. Like most of the East Mountains, many homeowners in the area keep horses or other livestock, and properties are often heavily wooded.

Area 24: Zuzax area

This region is bounded on the north by Frost Road, on the south by Saddle Spur Raod, and lies between Mountain Valley Road and Gutierrez Road. Lot sizes usually range from just under an acre to a little over five acres, and horses and other livestock are common. With average property values around $200,000, it is rare to find a home under $120,000, and prices up into the $400,000 range are not uncommon.

Area 25: Northwest Edgewood

This area of Edgewood lies north of the freeway. Lot sizes tend to range from 1-5 acres, with many homeowners keeping horses or other animals. Lying further east of the mountains, the land is flatter and less wooded than the closer-in East Mountain areas, and excellent views are common. Properties under $100,000 are uncommon, and prices range to above $300,000. Most homes are fairly new, and there is a great deal of new construction in this area.

Area 26: South 217

This area of the East Mounatins, south of the freeway, east of Highway 217, and west of 344 extends south to Chilili. Average home prices are about $140,000, with few listings selling under $100,000 or over $200,000. Like most of the East Mountains, lots tend to be from one to a few acres in size, and many properties boast horses or other animals.

Area 27: Northeast Edgewood

North of I-40 and east of Rte 344, Northeast Edgewood extends east to Lexco. Average property values are in the low $100,000's, with few sales over $200,000, and numerous properties available well under $100,000. Like most of the East Mountains, lot sizes are measured in acreage, and it is not uncommon to find homes on 10 or 20 acres, often with good livestock facilities.

Area 28: Southeast Edgewood

This is the area of Edgewood south of I-40, and here, too, large lots of up to 5 acres are common. Prices are reasonable, with the average home sale under $100,000, and some properties selling for under $50,000. Few homes in this area bring more than about $150,000, and there is a good deal of new construction going on in Edgewood.

Area 29: Moriarty
The small town of Moriarty lies about 40 minutes commute east of Albuquerque, and has its own, well-regarded school system. Properties in this area range from homes on small lots in town, to large farms and ranches of hundreds of acres. Some homes can be purchased for $30,000 or less, large ranches may bring half a million or more, and there are homes available in every price range in between.

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